On Me

Hi there. I’m Rebecca — a writer, mom, Harry Potter addict and sandwich enthusiast living in San Francisco with my husband, Ethan (loves start-ups, Honest Tea, and being thorough), our five-year-old, Leo (partial to Legos and PROJECTS!), and our two-year-old, Quincy (favorite word: “milk”). We are not vampires.

Here are some quick FAQ’s about me:

Who are you, exactly?
Mom- Check. Person – Check. Writer – Check Check. I write blog posts, pilots and screenplays, and young adult novels.

I heard you used to write for a soap opera. Is that an urban myth?
No. Before moving to the West Coast, I lived in various New York City walk-ups that used to be tenements and wrote for the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light. My team won an Emmy for our work in 2007 (that thing is kind of heavy, with scary-sharp wings).

When did you decide that you officially wanted to become a writer?
After I wrote and performed my own one-woman show, Suburban Revenge, as a senior thesis for my drama major at Stanford. For reasons I still don’t understand to this day, the play’s only set piece was a toilet.

What is your YA novel about in eight words or less?
It’s a coming-of-age vampire-mermaid story. (Only, none of those things).

Why YA?
Because it’s always been my favorite genre, and I love a good, old-fashioned page-turner.

What are some of your favorite books?
Harry Potters 1, 3, 4, and 6. And oh, yeah, a bunch of other brilliant classics like Jane Eyre. (And, of course, the entire YA canon).

On MommyProof

The idea for Mommyproof was born one foggy morning after I became irrationally self-conscious about my post-pregnancy tummy and decided to stop feeling bad about it and feel bad about it while telling everybody I knew I felt bad about it. Since then, I’ve been covering all those burning parenting topics that keep us up at night (oh, wait, that’s the crying).

Get In Touch!

Thanks for following along on my writing-slash-parenting journey. I love talking to, learning from, and collaborating with other writers, so please be in touch! You can email me at [email protected], follow me on Twitter, or reach me telepathically.