I have so little time these days to read all the YA novels that are popping up faster than the countless rashes and weird viruses plaguing the under-two’s of San Francisco’s rec center scene. So little time that when a book is THAT GOOD, and I CAN’T PUT IT DOWN, I feel obligated to tell the world — or, at least, my twitter followers — about it. If you haven’t heard about Veronica Roth’s Divergent already, go directly to your Amazon account, download it to your e-reading device of choice, and prepare to not do anything else until you’ve finished it and its sequel, Insurgent. It’s like Hunger Games, but slightly less disturbing, equally thrilling, and (in my opinion) just as addictive.

The first thing to note about Divergent is that its author is literally like, 25. That is so impressive and, at the same time, depressing, that I feel the need to mention it so that you don’t discover that on your own, completely unprepared, and then cry all alone in a Radio Shack somewhere, like I did. (There are a million reasons to be in a Radio Shack. I don’t get why you’d question that). The book is set in a dystopian world where its heroine, 16-year-old Beatrice Prior, has to choose one faction, or tribe, to devote her life to — and the one she chooses may not be the one she was born into. Which means that her choice may separate her from her family forever. It probably won’t surprise you IF YOU’VE EVER READ A BOOK BEFORE that Beatrice ends up forsaking her family to choose a radically different faction — and she quickly finds that the initiation into this new tribe is more life-and-death than she ever imagined. On top of that, she learns a secret about herself, that she’s “Divergent,” and though she barely understands what that means, she knows it puts her in great danger, and she can’t even tell her crush about it, which is way harsh.

What I loved the most about the book was the way Roth continued to change things up and surprise me with new twists and turns, but they always seemed organic, and not forced. I didn’t feel manipulated or kicked around, and for the most part, I was more than willing to go along on her thrilling, fast-paced and, at points, super twisted journey. I also loved Insurgent, but I think it’s really selfish of Roth to not have finished book 3 yet and make us wait until October 22nd for its “official release.” Whatever that means. (I don’t really think you’re selfish, Veronica. I totally heart you, in fact. But okay, maybe your actions are a little selfish and you could take a time out to reconsider them).*

MY CONCLUSION: Read the book! And then read the second book. And then try to figure out {SPOILER ALERT!} what’s on the other side of the fence. I’m guessing giant, creepy, adult-sized babies.

*Actually I idolize you and this is said completely in jest please don’t hate me.