photo (14)Day 20: I’ll admit, I’m having a hard time juggling writing, momming, blogging, blog-reading, chore-ing (that sounds almost raunchy, but sadly isn’t), exercising and just BEING lately. It feels that parenthood really is the job that won’t quit like EVER, which it is. It’s also wonderfully amazing, and all those cliched things people say about it like “YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE IRREVOCABLY BECAUSE OF LOVE” are accurate. And the ironic thing about it all is that I find myself, now more than ever, wanting to metaphorically drink in every last carbonated drop OF LIFE, because it’s so fun (and exhausting) but also FUN to have a toddler around. And yet, life is too busy to be drunk. Does this post make any sense? Likely not.

I’ve been sticking (mostly) to my “write every day” diet, but on top of that I’ve also found some great inspiration in some lovely reading. Right now, I’m finishing up the realistic YA book Eleanor & Park, which is quirky + sad + brilliant + lovely + sarcastic + SO GOOD. On a recent visit to my parents in North Carolina, I read The Engagements — a book that feels, in some ways, small, but not small-in-a-bad-way. It’s about marriage and relationships and the small, nuanced bits of life that matter. That clearly makes no sense but you can read more about what it’s about from the author here¬†and she’ll explain it far better.

And now, back to reading + writing + washing the Elmo sippy cups.