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If you’re wondering what happened to days three through ten, well, I let my 2-year-old count everything and he usually skips 4, 5, 7 and 9 automatically because he doesn’t like them. In all seriousness: my new writing diet IS WORKING. I’ve found that when I earnestly commit to letting the dishes languish in the sink and WRITE LIKE A FIEND for a good one to two hours while Ethan takes Leo to toddler gym class, I can easily get 500 words written (1000 if I really concentrate and nobody calls, texts, or apparates into my living room).

It really was quite a revelation to me that 1000 words can be done fairly quickly if all the stars align (but more importantly, if I MAKE THEM ALIGN). I haven’t written a thousand words a day — or 11,000 words! — since I started this diet, but I have written. And I plan to do even better next week. And Leo loves pressing the Caps Locks key, but he promised he wouldn’t for the whole next month. So there’s that. xox