THE SIMILARS cover reveal!!!

I am beyond thrilled that my debut YA novel, THE SIMILARS, now has a living, breathing, actual IRL cover. It’s all thanks to the super talented design team at Sourcebooks Fire, who have so perfectly encapsulated the book’s themes and central conflicts in this brilliant double-helix staircase. I’m crushing hard over this, guys. The box of ARCS arrived on my doorstep yesterday, prompting me to record my first-ever live Instagram story—which was terrifying but inevitable. I unboxed those suckers with all the enthusiasm of my 6yo rabidly opening every Amazon


MARS PATEL: it’s Serial the Podcast for KIDS (And you)

More than two years ago, I wrote a post in which I considered whether having two kids is more like having one point seven kids, or three thousand kids. Now, with very scientific data to back me up (read: my own personal and extremely subjective life experience), I know without a doubt that it’s more like having 7 kids, a dog and a muppet all living in your house. Though it’s actually, verifiably the funnest thing in the world having two little monster people wrestling each other and playing “slide” on our


Have you written that novel yet? Day 4 million

It’s been forever-ish since I posted about my progress on my YA novel, but let’s just say it’s coming along, which translates in Mom-glish to “it will be done before this unborn baby arrives in early November.” It has to be. Thanks, unborn baby, for being a great incentive and deadline, oh and also a joyous miracle and all that awe-inspiring stuff. So, the book is being written. Also, my website had a makeover! I decided that my Rebecca Hanover writer-y posts and my Mommyproof parenting posts should live in


Have You Written That Novel Yet? Day 20.

Day 20: I’ll admit, I’m having a hard time juggling writing, momming, blogging, blog-reading, chore-ing (that sounds almost raunchy, but sadly isn’t), exercising and just BEING lately. It feels that parenthood really is the job that won’t quit like EVER, which it is. It’s also wonderfully amazing, and all those cliched things people say about it like “YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE IRREVOCABLY BECAUSE OF LOVE” are accurate. And the ironic thing about it all is that I find myself, now more than ever, wanting to metaphorically drink in every last


Have You Written That Novel Yet? Day Eleven

If you’re wondering what happened to days three through ten, well, I let my 2-year-old count everything and he usually skips 4, 5, 7 and 9 automatically because he doesn’t like them. In all seriousness: my new writing diet IS WORKING. I’ve found that when I earnestly commit to letting the dishes languish in the sink and WRITE LIKE A FIEND for a good one to two hours while Ethan takes Leo to toddler gym class, I can easily get 500 words written (1000 if I really concentrate and nobody


Have You Written That Novel Yet? Day Two

It’s Day Two of my Writing Diet, and this new “hold myself accountable” thing, well, it’s WORKING… so far. I wrote words yesterday, and maybe they were crap words, but they were words. Today? More words. But most importantly, I’m teaching myself to prioritize. SO WHAT if there are dishes in the sink or beds to be made. There will always be (sadly) chores left undone, crystallized peanut butter spoons on the floor, and uber-tastically important emails to respond to about DINNER. I have to learn to let them go


Have You Written That Novel Yet? Day One

I am writing a novel. I have been writing said novel for a while, which is all well and good and part of the process and writing takes time etc etc. I’ve also found myself pulled in twenty hundred directions lately (get new/old house organized! Help out parents! Convince a near-2-year-old that he DOES want to hold my hand and walk nicely down the sidewalk so we can get some damn errands done without the stroller he refuses to sit in! Seize the day because my child will never be


Divergent. Insurgent. Convergent?

I have so little time these days to read all the YA novels that are popping up faster than the countless rashes and weird viruses plaguing the under-two’s of San Francisco’s rec center scene. So little time that when a book is THAT GOOD, and I CAN’T PUT IT DOWN, I feel obligated to tell the world — or, at least, my twitter followers — about it. If you haven’t heard about Veronica Roth’s Divergent already, go directly to your Amazon account, download it to your e-reading device of choice, and


This Had Better Not Be 40

“Hey, remember that annoying couple in that Judd Apatow movie about the loser who got the hot chick pregnant? No? Well, we made a movie about them anyway.” That pretty much sums up This is 40, Judd Apatow‘s latest flick starring his rotating cast of family members (wife Leslie Mann plays opposite Paul Rudd, along with her and Apatow’s two kids, who were also in Knocked Up. You may know Maude Apatow from Twitter fame. Or you may not because you don’t follow thirteen-year-olds. Whatever). I’d been vaguely excited about


The Fault in Our Stars: “Juno” Meets “The Big C”

When I discover a book that I end up reading in 2-3 days flat (even when I really, really don’t have time for it), I just have to talk about it.* John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars is one such book. Written by an author who appears to be kind of a god of the young adult genre, this book about kids with cancer makes My Sister’s Keeper look like the worst book ever written (which it was) and also makes the topic of two kids with cancer falling in